Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Deliciously soft and crispy vanilla flavoured dough with Belgian chocolate chunks


Double Chocolate chip Cookie dough

Smooth and rich cocoa flavoured dough with white chocolate chunks giving the right balance of chocolate without being overly sweet as well as being pleasing to look at.


White Chocolate chip cookie dogh

Deliciously soft and crispy vanilla flavoured dough with Belgian chocolate chunks"


Strawberry Cheesecake Cookie Dough

A fusion of 2 favourites where we have used a signature mix to create a tasty cookie dough containing strawberry pieces and white chocolate infused into the dessert


Red velvet cookie dough

A smoother, more softer textured cookie dough with white chocolate chunks. Not only does this dessert taste amazing but this is also visually very appealing and popular with the customers


Banoffee Cookie Dough

A special banana flavoured dough with added toffee pieces and Belgian chocolate chunks. A chewy, flavour packed cookie dough.


Cookie Dough

Using our secret cookie dough recipe and the best chocolate chunks one can find, we have created a product specifically tailored to the dessert industry. Ready in just a few minutes, Sweet Joe's cookie dough gives a crispy, creamy and gooey dessert for your customers to enjoy. Each spoonful is packed full of deliciousness!


Our cookie dough pucks come pre-portioned in 120g and each flavour comes boxed up and frozen giving a long shelf-life and easy storage