Sweet Joes is the brain child of Ammar Saleem who stumbled across Cookie Dough whilst developing

a dessert menu for his Pizza business in 2011. After seeing that he sold more Cookie Dough than Pizza’s
he decided to pack the pizza business in and Founded Sweet Joes in 2014.

He quickly realised that not only there is a demand for a bespoke product for the dessert industry,
but that the product should be in a variety of flavours that are innovative tasty and also wacky.
Thus, in 2016 he bought manufacturing in house were he could begin experimentation with different
flavours and ingredients. Today we are proud to present to our customers the current range of
12 Delicious Flavours. 

Existing Cookie Dough was produced for Bakeries to be baked as Cookies and not designed to be part baked
and served with Ice-Cream.  Through years of initial testing we developed a bespoke recipe that was not
overly sweet nor grainy in texture and which did not stick to the plate.

Our Cookie Dough is made using the softest Wheat Flour and Refined Sugars to give a
light and Fluffy texture, thus giving you the Ultimate Cookie Dough Experience.   

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