Milk Chocolate Chip

Delicate Vanilla Flavoured Dough with Creamy Belgium Chocolate Chip. This old Classic will Knock any Cookie of the Block.   

White Chocolate Chip

Delicate Vanilla Flavoured Dough with White Chocolate Chips. If you love White Chocolate You will Love this

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Rich Cocoa Flavoured Dough filled with Belgium White Chocolate Chips to give a Fusion of Chocolate Fudge Cake Taste in the form of Cookie Dough

Red Velvet

Made Using Cocoa and Soft Cheese to give a Velvety Texture. This Flavour not only tastes amazing but Looks even Better.

   Joe’s Chocolate Orange

Zesty Orange Flavoured Dough with Belgium Chocolate Chips. This prodcut not only tastes good but the Smell with encapture you. If you Love Chocolate Orange, this is for you. It’s not Terrys, it’s Joe’s!

 Blue Velvet

Nostalgic BubbleGum Flavoured Cookie Dough with White Chocolate Chips. This Cookie Dough is Amazing purely because it combines unusual flavours, Bubblegum with unusual textures, Cookie Dough. 

Strawberries and Cream

Creamy Flavoured Cookie Dough with Delicious Strawberry Flavouring. This product is made from Devonshire Cream Flavouring and real Strawberry Pieces and White Chocolate Chips. Retro British Flavours in an amazing Modern Product.

Cookies and Cream

Delicate Vanilla Flavoured Dough Fused with Devonshire Cream Flavouing, Belgium Chocolate Chips and Crushed Oreo’s. We also add Cookie Flavouring for all you Cookie Lovers. 


A tasty Banana Flavoured Dough with Milk Chocolate Chips and mini Toffee pieces. When made, this gives a light fluffy and Sticky Texture. It isn’t Toffee if it Doesn’t Stick!

Mint Chocolate Chip

Gently Flavoured Mint Cookie Dough with Belgium Chocolate Chips. If your a 90’s Baby this is a childhood Favourite. 


What beats Cookie Dough? Cookie Dough with Marshmallows and Milk Chocolate Chips. If you Love S’mores then you will Love this. 


Pistachio and Almond Flavoured Cookie Dough with Belgium Chocolate Chips originally made for the middle eastern Market but Loved the World Over!

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